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Tsunu: Energy Reset

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Tsunu is a beautiful rapé from the Amazon rainforest. It is a mix of Mapacho and Tsunu bark ash. It is one of the oldest blends and is known for its powerful effects – clarity, grounding, focus, and total body relaxation. With regular practice, Tsunu has the ability to awaken the spiritual warrior within. It is great for sustained use over long periods. Tsunu is the perfect blend for a body, mind, and spirit reset, as it will clear dense energies while keeping you grounded. It is a smooth, aromatic rapé that resonates well with anyone that uses it.

Customer Reviews

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I really enjoyed this blend as it helped to clear some stuck energy that I’d been sensing. It lightened my mood and led to a more relaxed state. So grateful for Shanti🙏🏻

Kasey Acker

I love this hape, nice and settle. Sweet hape.
Thank you this shop very nice and easy to work with. Fast shipping.

Courtney Robinson-Medley
I will forever be grateful...

I am so grateful for you! You lead me to Dreamy Earth. You lead me to all the plant medicine I now have. Thank you for continuing to guide me. Thank you for continuing to keep me grounded!