About Dreamy Earth

The soul, purpose, and passion of Dreamy Earth was birthed by my deep journey with the sacred plant medicine known as Hapé, a shamanic snuff originating from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest. 


It was 2020 and I had been practicing with this medicine for many months and connecting with the Grandfather spirit deeply when I received the nudge to infuse my artistic abilities as a wire wrapper with the creation of Hapé self-applicators, called Kuripes. The medicine gave me a vision of how to create Kuripes from scratch and after many tries and a lot of bamboo sticks, I finally perfected my pieces. I began creating very interesting and unique Kuripes, intricately wrapped with crystals and beads in swirls and weaves of Copper wire. They started gaining quite a bit of attention amongst Hapé lovers and started selling extremely quickly. I remember feeling so honored and humbled that my hand-crafted pieces were being communed with in so many people's sacred rituals all around the world. 


Over time, as my personal medicine practice grew and I truly opened my heart to Hapé as my teacher, I also received the nudge to become a carrier of the Hapé medicine itself . This was pretty difficult for me to accept at the time; I didn't consider myself "qualified" enough to carry such a powerful medicine. I was not a facilitator and definitely didn't consider myself a medicine woman. But looking back, I realize that this was the beginning of my journey as a medicine woman continuing the work of my ancestors. 


After receiving initiation to become a Hapé server, blessings from my ancestors, and guidance from the spirit of the medicine, I began holding small group ceremonies. Facilitating sacred space while serving powerful plant medicine activated me like nothing I had ever experienced. I truly felt (and still feel) that I had been working with the Earth and Her medicines for many lifetimes and the remembrance of how to work with plant medicines in integrity and sacredness was guiding my journey forward. 


As my journey deepened ever more and I communed intimately with many more shamanic plant medicines, Grandfather Hapé instructed me to share all the wisdom I had gained more publicly. This is when I began showing up on social media with a more educational approach, offering to all those who were interested, how to commune with plant medicine with love and respect. I also began focusing on honoring the ancestral roots and wisdom that shamanic plants and practices are born from. Some of my philosophy and approach to plant medicine came from research and study, but most of it has developed from my personal practice and the wisdom passed down to me from ancestors and both Human and Plant Teachers. 


Nowadays, 3 years later from when the seed of Dreamy Earth was planted, my business is deep-rooted and has grown abundantly, all thanks to the wisdom, blessings, and opportunities that Hapé provided as nourishment. I continue to carry Hapé, as well as many other shamanic medicines that entered my life such as Ceremonial Cacao, Sananga, and Mapacho. I also continue to hold medicine ceremonies out of my home in the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Sharing my love for respectful consecration of Earth sacraments will forever be a passion and purpose of mine.

Thank you for walking this sacred journey with me. Blessings to you!