::: Shanti Aum :::

Shanti Aum is a medicine ceremony facilitator whose main plant ally is Grandfather Tobacco. She's a passionate Guardian of Hapé and a loving carrier of several Earth sacraments. She strives to educate and decolonize the practice of healing and learning through ancestral Plant Medicine. 

Shanti has spent years studying, practicing, and cultivating a deep relationship with her tools and guides. Instructed by many wise Human and Plant Teachers, she has developed a unique style of teaching that is centered around devotion and service to the plants. 

In 2020, Shanti birthed Dreamy Earth, an online cosmic shop featuring a Hapé apothecary, shamanic plant sacraments, medicine tools, and educational online gatherings and private sessions. 

Shanti continues to evolve in her personal practice, expand Dreamy Earth's offerings, and facilitate transformational medicine ceremonies in Oahu, Hawaii.