Starting your Hapé Practice

 Beginning a Hapé practice is an exciting journey. It's not everyday that we receive the opportunity to commune with the spirits of the Amazon and receive the jungle's wisdom and medicine. 

Here are a few words of wisdom from someone who has been completely transformed by Hapé medicine (me! Shanti, owner & founder of Dreamy Earth!)

 If you're ready to physically consecrate the medicine, read this detailed 
step by step instructional guide.


◇ All that is truly required to begin your practice is a Kuripe and Hapé. Dreamy Earth recommends starting out with at least 2 different blends of Hapé in order to experience the unique energies each one can bring. Hapé samples are also available to add variety to your collection.

◇ The frequency that you choose to commune with Hapé will be intuitive. Some practitioners commune with Hapé daily, some others a couple of times a week, and some only during ceremony and spiritual work. The line between deep communion and dependency can be a tricky one to walk, so please be mindful of how you are approaching the medicine. 

◇ Journeying with Hapé is an adventure and exploration. You are encouraged to be curious and experiment with varying blends, doses, types of blows, and the environments in which you practice. There are a plethora of factors that affect a Hapé sit, so stay curious and drop your expectations. 

◇ No two Hapé sits are ever the same. While you might have a profound breakthrough in one sit, your next sit might be tame in comparison. Avoid chasing experiences and appreciate each sit for what it teaches you. The spirit of Hapé is a teacher and master healer; trust that it will give you exactly what you need. 

◇ Honoring the indigenous tribes and ancestors of this medicine is powerful and important. Always give gratitude to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon who have passed down this medicine and teachings. Continue learning about Hapé, the ceremonial roots of Grandfather Tobacco, and ancestral wisdom. 


Blessings to your Hapé journey!