How to Serve Yourself Hapé

 Welcome to your journey with Grandfather Hapé! This is a beautiful and  transformative path to be walking on. Much will be revealed to you as your practice deepens but for now, the following instructions will serve as a starting point. If you would prefer a short instructional video, click here. (This video is hosted on Google Drive so a Gmail is required to view)


You will need your kuripe, Hapé, a cup or bowl (for spitting) and tissues or toilet paper (to wipe your nose). 

1. Create a sacred space where you are free to meditate and reflect for as long as you want. Set up an altar, light candles, set heart-centered intentions. You are inviting in a Spirit therefore, create a space as you would when inviting a friend. 

2. Now that you have grounded and centered yourself, you may begin to gently pour Hapé into your non-dominant palm. The amount your pour will be for both nostrils. A penny sized amount is ideal for beginners (or for a more gentle dose) and a quarter sized amount is enough for a stronger journey. Dosing is very intuitive and your journey will vary, so listen to your intuition.

3. With the nose end of your Kuripe (the longer side), flatten out the medicine towards you, as you focus on your intention and prepare yourself to commune. With the nose end, scoop 1/2 of the medicine inside and tap the kuripe so the medicine falls to the bottom.

4. Bring the Kuripe to your heart, expressing your prayers and gratitude. Give thanks not only to the medicine and its Spirit, but to the tribes whose loving hands  cultivated and made the medicine you're consecration. Give thanks to Mother Earth for her wisdom and gifts. Give thanks to yourself. Raise the Kuripe to the sky, giving an offering to Father Sun, the Cosmos, and Source. Touch the Kuripe to the Earth, reminding yourself of how she holds you and roots you down. Bring the Kuripe back to your heart. 

5. Take 3 full and deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. When you're ready, position the Kuripe into the Left nostril and blow. The left nostril is served first (symbolizing death) followed by the right nostril (symbolizing re-birth). You can blow softly and slowly for a relaxing journey or sharp, quick, and forceful for a more intense experience. Again, follow your intuition. 

6. After you blow, breathe in and out through the mouth. If you feel the need to spit, do so in your cup/bowl. Do not ingest the Hapé. Try to serve yourself on the 2nd side as quickly as you can. 

7. Give yourself the same blow for the 2nd (Right) side. Relax and surrender to the energy of the medicine. Simply feel without judgment, how the Spirit flows through you. There is no right or wrong. Continue breathing through the mouth. 

8. Wait at least 5 minutes after serving the second side to blow your nose. you may keep it longer. 

9. Meditate in this sacred space for as long as you wish. Give yourself time to truly commune with Grandfather Hapé. 

10. Integrate your experience by journaling, moving mindfully (like yoga), taking a walk, or even simply laying down. Any practice you have that supports medicine work integration is ideal. 


Many blessings to you and your Hapé journey. May the spirit of this medicine  ground you, transform you, and nourish your heart and Life. If you feel you need more guidance on your journey, consider joining me for a virtual 1 on 1 Hapé sit.


  • most side effects are very normal and will be experienced at some point in your practice. Side effects include light-headedness, dizziness, nausea, the need to have a bowel movement, spitting, crying, and in more rare cases, vomiting. These are all signs that energy is moving in your body, which is a good thing! Most Westerners would see these symptoms as being unwell but in the Amazonian tribes, these symptoms are signs of getting better.

  • feel free to submit your questions or any suggestions to make this informative page more clear and complete to