What is Hapé?

Hapé is a sacred and profound plant medicine consisting of Mapacho (Tobacco), ashes of various indigenous trees, seeds, flowers, and herbs. This fine powder is administered through the nose and thus, its potent effects can be felt immediately. Originating from the native tribes of the Amazon, this sacred snuff has the ability to deeply ground the body, dispel mind chatter, anxiety, and dense energies. The lightness and expansiveness this medicine can bring opens one up to the teachings Grandfather Tobacco carries as well as revelations from the heart.

Due to the sacred and profound energy of this medicine, it's important to sit with Hapé in an intentional space and powerful prayer. Tobacco is a Master Plant Teacher that brings individual healing and blessings. Many experience a profound sense of groundedness as well as a feeling of inter-connectedness with the subtle realms. Through breath and surrender, we can walk deeply into these realms and receive guidance, instruction, messages, visions, and blessings. 

This sacred shamanic snuff can be self administrated or served by another person. In self-administration, a V-shaped pipe called a Kuripe is the tool you will use to blow a dose of medicine into your nose. When receiving a blow from another, they will blow the medicine into your nose with a longer serving pipe called a Tepi

There are many misconceptions, narratives, and stories about Tobacco that villainize the plant. However, this plant teacher has a long history of ceremonial and medicinal use by Native Americans and Indigenous South Americans. It's a deep gift to be able to commune with this medicine. 

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May your medicine journey with Hapé be full of transformation, insight, and love.
Bless your life!