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SIP N SMOKE | Cacao & Sacred Smoke Bundle

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Cacao Blend

Dreamy Earth's SIP N SMOKE Bundle combines the ancient medicine of Cacao and the sacred smoke of magical herbs for a daily or ceremonial indulgence that will uplift your spirit and activate your heart.

May you experience blissful connection with each sip and puff. 

The SIP N SMOKE Bundle contains: 

Ceremonial Cacao: Mother Cacao is a powerful yet gentle and loving plant ally perfect for those who want to tune in to the heart space and cultivate softness, love, and self reflection. "Earth Magic" is 100% pure Guatemalan Cacao and nothing else. Uplifting, energizing, and grounding. This blend is perfect for self reflection, journaling, and mindful movement. 

Sacred Herbal Smokes (Pre-Rolled):  7 pre-rolls of Dreamy Earth's signature sacred herbal smoke blend. This blend is a combination of dreamy and relaxing herbs: Passionflower, Mugwort, Damiana, Pink Rose Petals, and Blue Lotus. 

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Courtney Robinson-Medley
Buying again asap

The herbal smoke is a must-try and complements the ceremonial cacao very well!!