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Tap into the healing power of the Amazon rainforest through your eyes with the power of Sananga. This powerful medicine was made by the Cacique (Chief) of the Huni Kuin tribe in Aldeia (Village) Pinuya. 

Sananga is an energy cleansing remedy like no other. Its powerful properties can support you in achieving heightened spiritual awareness and create positive shifts within your consciousness.

This medicine works on the subtle bodies by melting blockages, encouraging energy to flow freely, and offering you a new perspective with which to see the world. 

The initial sensation is extremely intense but as it wanes, one will experience a deep and profound relaxation into a silent mind and calm, heavy body. This kind of bodily reset and rest is so needed in today's world where there are a million anxiety-inducing distractions everywhere you turn. 


::: To receive the medicine, lay or sit down in a comfortable space with the eyes closed. Apply 1 or 2 drops to the corner of both eyes, then quickly blink to disperse the medicine.

::: You will feel the sensations immediately. BREATHE. The physical sensation only lasts for a couple of minutes, followed by a gradual calm energy that will pull you into a deep meditative state. Surrender.

• Sananga comes in 10 ml dropper bottles.

• DO NOT wear contacts when receiving Sananga. 

• Please keep refrigerated when not in use to preserve freshness and potency.

• Medicine will keep for approximately 6 months if stored properly

• instructional sheets are provided with each purchase 

Customer Reviews

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cleansed & aligned

Thank you so much for providing this offering in your shop! 🌸

I just finished my sit a little while ago and feel so at ease. I have been working with sananga for about half a year now and it is one of my favorite plant teachers.

I enjoyed the potency of this sananga, and at the same time it’s energy felt very clear and light. My eyes released a lot more tears with this sananga in comparison to the ones I had sat with previously. It was such a welcome release and reset.

Kennequea Pegues


Kimberly Porteous

Exactly what I expected and shipped beautifully. It was my first time using this product. The information on this site really healed guide me. The product is very well understood and described by this provider.
I bought a few more bottles after trying it. The clarity and state of being it creates is powerful.

Jimmy Turner
Amazing experience and very magical

I am a very holistic person and I am completely in 100% satisfied with this product and so glad that I was able to find them on TikTok and go to her shop. I appreciate everything that she’s doing and I will be making more purchases from her, I think it’s beautiful love you all!! ✨🙏🥰

William Myers
Opens portal previous locked

We enjoy the easy parts of this life, endure the hard. Take these drops breath through it, this will not be east. Though it will be rewarding.