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RITUAL MAGIC | Hapé Ceremony Kit

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The RITUAL MAGIC kit provides all the tools you need to cleanse your Self, bless your sacred space, and commune with the powerful healing of Hapé.  

The RITUAL MAGIC kit contains: 

Wooden Kuripe: Kuripes are Hapé self applicators that serve as bridges to the Divine and powerful realms of this plant medicine. Choose your own classic wooden kuripe from what's available here. A cloth pouch for storage and protection is included.  Please indicate your kuripe selection in the "Notes" section at checkout. 

2 blends of Hapé: Choose two different blends of Hapé from the Hapé apothecary. See what's available here. Please indicate your 2 selections in the "Notes" section at checkout. 

Agua de Florida (70 ml):  Agua de Florida is a ceremonial and healing aromatic water traditionally used in shamanic rituals. This powerful flower water cologne is perfect for cleansing and blessing spaces, sacred rituals, and shifting energy during ceremony. This small size makes it easy to take anywhere!

stick of Ecuadorian Palo Santo: the smoke of Palo Santo ("Holy Wood") carries a warm and benevolent energy perfect to pray with and invoke peace. Palo Santo is so effective that all Dreamy Earth tools and medicines are cleansed with Palo Santo smoke before shipping. 

2" Dreamy Earth Logo Sticker

valued at $90!

Reminder: please indicate your preferred kuripe wood type and 2 Hapé blends in the "Notes" section at checkout. You may also email your selections to with your full name and order number. 

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jackie espinoza
Amazing !!

I loved my kit and so grateful for having the opportunity to purchase it , thank you !!