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Paricá: Journey Deep Within

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 Paricá is perfect for ceremonial use or with the intention of focused sessions of meditation or contemplation. Paricá is extremely well balanced and causes a deepening within oneself. Paricá awakens the study of the sacred, the connection with our ancestry, the cleansing of negative thoughts and of spiritual healing. The Paricá or Yopo tree as it is also known, is a sacred tree whose medicinal properties have long been ritualistically used by shamans and healers. This is one of the stronger and more intense blends in the Dreamy Earth apothecary. 

Customer Reviews

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Danah Corrigan

I am Lovin it. It's mild and gentle. I love to meditate with this outside in the garden. Danah

Josh Cannon
Love it!

This is my favorite blend thus far. It is potent and warm to the nose and throat. Whenever I sense a need to clear and simplY BE, this is my go-to. So grateful for Dreamy Earth🙏🏻☺️