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Mushroom Teacher Microdoses

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Dreamy Earth is a proud carrier of loving and supportive Plant Allies that can help you weave new sacred rituals into your daily life. 

"Los Hongitos" have been a loving ally to many at this time, offering the formation of new neural pathways as well as feelings of wellbeing and connectedness.

This Earth sacrament has been sourced mindfully, made with prayer & intention, and dosed accurately for your safety.

::: Our sacred Earth Teachers are here to assist us in remembering our true nature and the Divine Source that we come from :::

Microdosing is the act of consuming sub-perceptual (unnoticeable) amounts of a plant substance. Capsules are an easy and convenient method for your microdosing journey.

Many who have integrated the energy of these mushroom teachers into their lives notice higher levels of creativity, energy, focus, and improved relational skills, as well as reduced anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Mushroom Teachers carry the ability to profoundly change the inner workings of the mind and shed light upon the parts of ourselves that are ready for transformation.

☽ .1 capsules of PE (pack of 10/ 1 month supply): A great dose for an enjoyable and gentle experience. The energy of this dose is heart-warming, mood enhancing, and brings about an inner glow. The effects of this dose can be perceived all day and the afterglow, the day after. If you follow a schedule of taking 2 days off between each Microdose Day, this pack will last you 4 weeks. 

☽ .2 capsules of PE (pack of 10/ 1 month supply): This dose is for those who are less sensitive and/or want to feel a bit more sensation than the .1 dose. This is a lovely dose to be active, in nature, and embrace playfulness or to sit with yourself in reflection and surrender to what wants to be released.

☽ Microdose Sample Pack (pack of 4 / 10 day supply): This sample pack contains two .10 gram capsules and two .20 gram capsules- a supply enough for 10 days when your micro dose day is followed by 2 rest days. This pack allows you to try out the practice of microdosing and see if it's something you'd like to commit to weaving into your life. You will also benefit from testing out various strengths to see what works for your body and daily routine. 



  • if you are sensitive, it's recommended to take your microdose after a meal to reduce any discomfort the onset of the medicine might bring (especially at higher doses) 
  • if you're new to this medicine, be mindful of communing only when you don't have anything to do so you can be fully present with your experiences and how your body/mind/Spirit reacts 
  • there are many different guides to microdosing; the most common being to microdose one day and take 2 days off. Example: Day 1: Microdose, Day 2: off, Day 3: off, Day 4: Microdose, Day 5: off, Day 6:off 


if you have any questions, feel free to email for more guidance  

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alexis Garcia

I ordered the .1 grams. Looking back I wish I got the .2 because even though I am petite, I would take two and feel just fine, I think personally the .2 is perfect. So if you’re someone who is sensitive like me to weed and lightweight, get the .2! (You don’t feel high). I feel like it helped me feel more present and let me cry things out more easily too. I’m so grateful this is a safe source.

rosalind ortiz
The Mushroom Teacher

As I continue my healing journey , microdosing with mushrooms 🍄 has helped me become more centered and focused. I am learning more about myself and have found mushrooms very helpful whenever an emotion arise. The medicine makes it easier to release. It’s going on my second month and I’m excited to see my growth as I continue my journey with the medicine 🍄💛🥰

My Journey with Sacred Cacao and Mushrooms

Three years ago, my healing journey started with plant medicine, but as I sought to continue, affordability became an issue. Fortunately, I discovered Dreamy Earth, a safe source that exceeded my expectations. The sacred medicine they offer, coupled with Shanti's genuine and loving teachings, has been transformative. I eagerly anticipate meeting her in person one day. Thank you, Shanti, for your wonderful work. I Love You with all my heart and soul... Many Blessings

I cannot wait till they're back in stock!

I have had the most profound experiences with these amazing chocolates! I get epiphanies throughout the day while integrating these learnings into my life. You will NOT be disappointed!


I am very satisfied with these capsules. I get mental clarity and a very subtle mood boost that helps combat the pre-cycle depression that I've been experiencing.