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Mulungu: Nervous System Support

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Mulungu is an ornamental tree native to Brazil which has long been used in traditional medicine to reduce anxiety. Mulungu has the power to reduce hysteria from trauma or shock, as a mild sedative to calm the nervous system, to treat insomnia and promote healthy sleeping patterns. This Rapè is a great choice when looking for something more relaxing than intense. It opens the heart, clears the mind, and soothes the nervous system. This blend will serve well to either start or end the day. 

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Wood
Jennifer wood

An amazing medicine. I have been re-setting my nervous system with deep therapy and other element and this has been an amazing add on.

Alignment Nervous System!

I had used this hapé, I absolutely love how the energy flows in the body to be in the alignment with my nervous system to flowww calmly and the rest of my day I felt calmer and grounded. Definitely recommend this hapé and it is a good start to use!

First Hape Blend Experience

This is my first Hape blend and have been using it for a week, I have not feel grounded until I used medicine. I’m so grateful it! It is really nice to sit with this blend.