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Mulateiro: Align with the Divine

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The Mulateiro or Capirona tree is a fascinating multi-purpose canopy tree in the Amazon. Mulateiro bark is deeply ingrained in the native culture—from being used as an admixture in the ayahuasca rituals, to its many different uses in folkloric medicine. From teas to poultices to powders, the properties of Mulateiro provide anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial properties.

This dark grey rapé is strong and intense. Initial sensations are piercing and powerful enough to make your eyes water, followed by a subtle and peaceful space. In this space, the mind slows down and eases one into relaxation and meditation.

This blend is effective in releasing tension and blockages in the head, third-eye, and crown chakra. With intention, Mulateiro can harmonize any disproportional vibrations and guide you back to center, to align with the Divine. 

Customer Reviews

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Amalia Ibarra

This hapeh is so amazing I have no words to describe it. I brought it to a “friendsgiving” on 11/11, it had us all crying. Made us feel deep emotions, allowed us to connect and open up to heal some deep wounds. Everyone was hit differently. I’ve been sitting with this on my own and it never fails to bring me into my body but also into another dimension connecting me with my guides. I’m so grateful to have found this brand specifically, I’ve tried others and while yes they worked there is something about this specifically that is stronger and more potent.

Josh Cannon

I like this blend a lot as it brings the heat! I’ve sat with it numerous times and appreciate the grounding effects it offers. I rate it a 7/10 on the potency scale and would highly recommend for anyone looking to re-center, rest and relax. So grateful for Dreamy Earth🙏🏻☺️

Incredibely deep and potent medicine

Tried the Mulateiro blend, easily has become of my favorite hapé's I've worked with. Both sweet and has an activating depth to the discomforts inside of me.

Would reccomend for anyone moving through the depths. Has guided me through some seriously intense emotional waves and transitions + keeps me from being so sticky (receptive) to certain energies.

Love the packaging.
Only small hiccup I had was that my jar spilled a couple days into working with the medicine.
On one hand, I took this symbolically as a reflection of something I was working through. On the other, my partner also had some issues with their cork bottle as well. Not a problem because the hapé came with in another bag and I was able to salvage most of it. Corks been fine since then.

Overall, Deeply grateful for this medicine and the care that has gone into sharing it with the world.

Intense alignment and calm

Piercing is a great word to describe the initial effects. Agree that it is very aligning and creates a sense of calm and clarity. Very appreciative of this medicine!

Micah Doucette
Alignment and Cosmic Vibrations

This is one of my favorites that i have tried thus far... it is very aligning, i feel my spine and all my chakras come together so i may open my crown and channel powerful healing... i often get a sort of static-y vision from this hapeh. I really appreciate the peace and calm and potential for visions that this hapeh offers me. thank you for this medicine! mahalo deeply <3