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Cacao: Heart Opening & Soothing

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Cacao or Food of the Gods has a long history of ceremonial use among our ancestors. Cacao is a heart opener and leaves us feeling uplifted and energized. This is a gentle and loving blend that expresses a balanced spirit between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This blend is great for when you are feeling low, irritable, overwhelmed, or closed in the heart. Medium strength.

Customer Reviews

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Jasmine Sierra

I absolutely love cacao blend. Easily a favorite. Truly brings you to heart center. Helps me to see lovingly into my shadows and helps me to ground into the heart of the moment. Truly special blend. Thank you!

Cacao and veia de pajé Rapè

Wows these are impressive!!

From my experience it was a smooth and challenging until I surrendered, and then animals were coming up to us like the squirrels and a blue jay came up and introduced themselves to us!
The energy felt calm and nurturing and freeing!

I’ve had othe Rapé’s in the past but this is my new go to!

Jennifer Wood

Beautiful medicine! So healing ☺️

Kayla Lopucki
One of my favorite hape blend!

I brought a sample of cacao hape blend and I absolutely love how blend made me feel. It gave me a strong feeling of grounding, opening up my heart charka and able to hold the space for my emotions. At the end, I almost always smile with gratitude and joyful. Perfect for whenever I feel down or not grounding due to a stressful day. I drank one of her cacao and both of them together goes well for me!

So Glad I Found This Shop!

This is my first foray into plant medicine. The website is informative and the owner is amazing. I DMed her on insta with questions and she was very quick to respond with recommendations. She also applied a discount code for me after I forgot to use it during checkout.

I’ll definitely be ordering again!