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Agua de Florida (Florida Water) 270 ml

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Agua de Florida is a ceremonial and healing aromatic water traditionally used in shamanic rituals. This powerful flower water cologne is perfect for cleansing and blessing spaces, sacred rituals, and providing relief from physical and spiritual discomfort. 

Pour a small amount into the palm, rub hands together, and inhale the palms deeply. Lather the cologne over the body as intuitively guided. 

You may also lightly bathe your spiritual tools (kuripe, pipes, wands, crystals) with Agua de Florida to cleanse and reset the energy. 

This 270 ml bottle will be enough to support your sacred rituals for a long time. Share the medicine of this cologne with friends, family, pets, and spaces. 

Customer Reviews

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Jo Imp
Agua de Florida absolutely amazing!

The agua de Florida sent by dreamy earth and was received on time and packaged with absolute care!
When I first opened the bottle and got that first whiff of it, it transported me to a divine place. It is very cleansing and magical at the same time, definitely will purchase again and stock up!