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4 Pack Hapé Bundle - CHOOSE YOUR OWN BLENDS!

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For all you Hapé lovers, customizing your own variety pack of Hapé blends is a wonderful way to commune with the many energies of this sacred medicine. 

Each blend of Hapé carries its own characteristics and ability to assist with different aspects of your life. By choosing the blends you feel called to commune with, you curate your own medicine journey according to your needs. 

You may pick 4 of any blends that are currently available in the Hapé apothecary. See what's available here

At checkout, please list your chosen blends in the "Notes" section. You may also email your selections to with your order # and full name. 

valued at $100!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mcall Pay
Dreamy earth spirit’s medicines are amazing!

I had the great opportunity to take Shanti’s “A walk with Hapé class and it was soooo great! She has so much respect and knowledge of the medicines and where they come from and helps you to understand it also! The Hapé blends are amazing! I love that she has so many different blends to sit with. My Favorite is probably Murici it’s very soft grounding healing energy. I also love Cumaru, Cacao, Tsunu, and when needed parica even though it’s very strong haha. Thank you thank you!

Courtney Zimmerer

I love all 4 of the blends I choose. This is an amazing way to try a variety of blends. I absolutely loved the hand written note from Shanti. You can feel the love when you open the package. So very grateful for dreamy earth! I know I will be a return customer from now on.

John Balletto
great experience

very accommodating and a pleasure to work with. would highly recommend!

Jennifer Wood
Wonderful value

Wonderful value and a great way to try out more variety for a great cost. Always always beautiful hape and packaging and quick on receiving orders


Lovely medicine! Thankful for the bundle package to try many options at once.