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1 on 1 or Couples IN-PERSON Hapé Sit

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 ⫷ ABOUT ⫸

In this private medicine ceremony, you will flow through a 2.5 hour journey with sacred plant medicine in a safe and intentional space protected and facilitated by Shanti.

You will have the opportunity to commune with Mother Cacao, Sananga eye drops, and Grandfather Hapé. When combined with the power of deep prayer, these Plant Allies assist us in grounding, surrendering, cleansing, and expanding.

This offering is intended for 1 person at $175 or couples at $300. 

For pricing for private groups of 3 and more, please contact me through



The intention of this session is to help you release any of your limitations, doubts, and fears through conscious intention setting and the assistance of these exquisite Earth medicines. Sitting in ceremony invites in guidance, direction, and blessings! 



After prayer, we begin our ceremony with the subtle yet powerful energy of Mother Cacao. We will open up conversation, intentions, and personal shares. Cacao helps to gently open the heart and assist us in dropping into the present moment. From the heart, it's much easier to surrender into the flow of ceremony and listen to guidance from Spirit.  

After receiving blessings from Mother Cacao, we commune with Sananga- Amazonian eyedrops used to clear spiritual, mental, and physical energy. It works deeply within the 3rd Eye, helping you to open up energetically and prepare for Hapé. The medicine of Sananga also helps to clear mind chatter and guides you into a profound meditation. This is a wonderful tool to practice surrender. 

Finally, we invite in the beautiful and powerful energy of Tobacco, a master healer and the predominant plant in Hapé medicine. Hapé is a wise and loving Grandfather energy that activates intentions and prayers, imparts guidance and messages, and gives us the strength to look deeply within. By the time you receive Hapé, you will have most likely received many insights and guidance from Cacao and Sananga. Hapé will assist in grounding those insights and invoking the strength and inspiration needed to move forward in your personal life. 

Plant medicines are living, loving, and wise Teachers. Trust that you will receive exactly what you need for your highest good. 



Shanti's residence in North Shore, Oahu (address will be disclosed after payment)



Please don't hesitate to message me if you're experiencing financial difficulty or would like to work out a payment plan! 

If you are able to, payment via Venmo or Cashapp is preferable! Thank you!



After receiving payment, you will receive an email with a Google Forms questionnaire. This form is for you to express your intentions for your ceremony as well as for me to understand what you are currently experiencing in your journey. 

After receiving your completed form, I will email you possible dates for our sit based on the availability you give on the form. 

2 days before your ceremony, you will be emailed a Ceremony Prep Guide pdf to help you reflect even deeper on your intentions as well as inform you of things to bring to your session. 

If you have any questions, please email me at


Thank you for entrusting me with your ceremony experience. This is an honor that I carry with deep reverence and dignity. I serve these Plantcestors with my heart and prayers in full presence. I'm so looking forward to connecting with you.

Customer Reviews

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isen boles
magical communion with hapé

For years I had been curious to commune with Hapé, but wanted to wait for the right person to guide me through the journey. My friend recommended Shanti and I am so grateful. She did a beautiful job of explaining what I would go through so as to ease my nerves and prepare me for the journey. Her connection to Source is so strong and you can’t help but feel a sense of peace in her presence. She helped me so much with being able to approach this ceremony with ease and tranquility. Talking with her helped me to process what I learned from sananga and grandfather hapé. Shanti is a beautiful medicine woman and I am forever grateful for her loving support.

Riley Galvin

I booked a 1:1 Ceremony with Shanti; I went into the session with an OPEN HEART, ready to learn and be held by her MAGIC. When I tell you that this Woman is so pure and potent, I was blown away! Shanti's connection to source and these beautiful plant medicines creates a powerful experience. I was grateful for her ability to hold space for my emotions and guide me through them as they came up in session. I learned so much about myself and the history of these spiritual practices. If you are thinking about working with Shanti in any way, DO IT! She brings such safe and grounded energy and I know she is a walking embodiment of Dreamy Earth. Thank you so much Shanti!

Bronwyn Varner

100% recommend for those who want to dive deep into themselves with a supportive and safe guide. Shanti has created the most beautiful experience and her gift for sharing, teaching and facilitating these plant medicines is felt so powerfully. Thank you again and again Shanti! 🙏🏻

Adriana N.
So transformative & beautiful

My Hapé Sit with Shanti was a beautiful and transformative experience. I enjoyed every moment of it! Shanti made sure I was comfortable, peaceful, and educated me about every plant ally throughout the ceremony. After the ceremony, Shanti checked in with me and kept the lines of communication open if I had any questions or needed guidance. This was truly a beautiful and transformative experience and I am so thankful to Shanti for holding space for me!

Kennequea ~yoga teacher~

I just want to start this review out with so much gratitude. My heart is so full! & my knowledge has been expanded! Ive wanted to try hapé for some time now but it has been important to me to find an aligned practitioner. That is exactly what I found with Shanti 🔆🔆 she is the real deal! &&& knows what she Is talking about. I felt honored to be able to co create a safe space with her and my guides! I really want to highlight how safe I felt throughout this whole practice!!! Especially because it was my first time! You can feel in your heart that
Shanti is so knowledgeable & passionate about grandfather hapé & cacao!! I left the ceremony with deeper knowledge and unlocked wisdom! I am looking forward to being in more ceremonies with shanti & building my own home practice.
In conclusion if you’re looking for a review to decide to book your ceremony… please allow this to be a greenlight!!! Check in with your heart space & book!! Mahalo shanti 💜💜💜