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1:1 Virtual Hapé Sit : Discussion & Practicum

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ūďᨬ†Hello dear medicine family!¬†ūďá¨

Thank you for your interest in sitting with me and Grandfather Tobacco in sacred ceremony.

I'm so looking forward to connecting with you and sharing deep wisdom I've gained in my medicine journey. 

My intention in offering this deep dive is to provide loving guidance to those who feel called to journey deeper and help cultivate the heart-centeredness and mindset shift needed in order to approach Hapé in a good way.


I take my role as a Hapé medicine carrier, educator, protector, and servant as an honor and a privilege. This is the most sacred offering I have; thank you for receiving.



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I'm looking forward to connecting with you! 


ūďᨠHaux! ūďá¨

Customer Reviews

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Alphonso Wimbley
Hape’ Sit

My 1 on 1 with Shanti was amazing! She introduced me to this plant medicine with grace and integrity! Her knowledge about Hape’ and her genuine connection to this plant medicine, allowed me to dispel any apprehensions! I am honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to start my Hape’ journey with Shanti! She is the real deal!

Francia Delgado
1:1 Hape

Shani shared her wisdom with love and patience. I received more value than my investment. I am grateful she followed her passion to teach us the lessons that were passed on to her.

Truly a Gifted Guide

My session with Shanti was nothing short of AWESOME! She is truly living in her nature and its a beautiful thing to see. She's personable and has a way of explaining things that makes the material easy to understand and connect with. Shanti awakened parts of my intuition that were dormant throughout our session. Shanti isn't just a teacher but a truly gifted spiritual guide. If you're just getting into Hapé for the first time or any of the other products, I would recommend having a virtual session with her!

Emily Gorrell

I TRULY could not recommend a 1:1 Hapé sit with Shanti more. It's difficult to express in words how grateful I am for having this opportunity to listen, learn, practice, and ask questions. Shanti is not just a good teacher, this offering is part of her calling, and it is VERY apparent when you speak with her. Hearing her speak is like a direct transmission from Hapé. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and time in this way, Shanti! You have shifted my relationship with Hapé to that of a true student, and I've never been happier and more thankful to learn <3 <3 <3

Emily Hall

Shanti is a skilled and knowledgeable teacher who presents information in a clear, digestible, and passionate manor. I was blown away by her reverence and depth and how every word she chose to use with sharp intention. My practice with hapé and journey of healing has expanded deeply after our session. If anyone is ready to deepen their spiritual awakening, I highly recommend working with Shanti. She will meet you where you are and gently guide you into your powerful potential. This strength and gentleness is a beautiful integration in Shanti. She embodies all aspects of a true teacher, healer, and medicine woman. Blessings!