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Rose Quartz & Rhodocrosite for the HEART CHAKRA

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Your medicine practice is sacred and profound; that means the tools you use in your practice should be too. 

Dreamy Earth Designs kuripes are one of a kind and made with the intention to act as a portal between you and the plant medicine world. Your ceremonial tool should be as unique as your relationship with sacred hapé. 

This piece features a Rose Quartz hexagon and small Rhodocrosite accents on both the front and back. Wrapped in brass wire, this lovely feminine kuripe is calling for its new home!

Here is a little ritual you can do to consecrate your new kuripe:

1. Find a quiet place for your Hapé practice, quiet the mind, calm the body

2. Pour a quarter sized amount of medicine into your palm, give thanks to Spirit

3. Smooth your kuripe over the medicine, covering the kuripe entirely with powder (but try not to get it on the mouth end) 

4. Scoop the remaining powder with the nose end

5. Blow the medicine out into the air, giving thanks to Mother Earth

6. Serve yourself medicine as normal