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Cumaru: Calm Your Mind

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We may reach for Cumaru whenever in need of powerful clearing from looping thoughts and unwanted energies - great during ceremonies but can be used whenever needed.


Cumaru rapé promotes the opening of the crown chakra and as a result, may release much of the mind’s chatter. In the silence that follows, with the right intention, you may find you can access the emotional roots of the heaviness you are carrying.


This blend can be a great purgative. Remember, purging is a form of clearing that which does not serve. Commune with this particular blend when you are feeling “stuck”.  Also, if you need to decompress after a stressful situation or encounter with a lot of negativity, this one will serve you wonderfully.


made by the Huni Kuin tribe of Pinuya village in Acre, Brazil

Customer Reviews

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Daily Dose

I enjoy this blend on the daily and it helps me to drop-in during my morning meditation. It encourages groundedness, calm and ease. So grateful🙏🏻

Giselle Alvarez
Amazing experience with Grandfather Tobacco❤️

I purchased the Jaguar kuripe and it was much more beautiful irl than the pictures. It is exquisitely made. The hapé blends were packaged neatly in a nice bag and the one I tried Cumuru was so grounding. An amazing experience that made me reflect and connect to the earth and ancestors. Do try to be in nature when you do this one, it made me feel so at peace with the earth and the sky. This is such a beautiful medicine and I can’t wait to explore more from this shop.