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Hapé Descriptions 


Energetically, this Hapé blend connects us with our ancestors, allowing us to clear ancestral karma and hear the deep lessons associated with souls that have lived before us. This blend is also great for balancing the chakras (energy centers). You may find sensations occurring from the root center all the way up through the crown and vice versa. 

This Hapé is more powerful outside or around plants and sunshine, having contact with the earth while using it. We can learn from the energy left behind on the earth before us when our skin touches the natural ground. 



Cacao or Food of the Gods has a long history of ceremonial use among our ancestors. Cacao is a heart opener and leaves us feeling uplifted and energized probably due to boosted serotonin levels. This is a gentle and loving blend which expresses a balanced spirit between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. This blend is great for when you are feeling low, irritable, overwhelmed, or closed in the heart.


Canela de Velho

This powerful Hapé is made with the much appreciated ash of the bark of the Canela de Velho tree. Canela de Velho is a relative of cinnamon, giving this hapé a sweet flavor, bringing heat to the body and solar plexus (a great hapé for digestion).

This blend is mild but the experience can be deep and cosmic. Prepare to enter ceremony when sitting with this medicine. 


Chamomile Hapé brings forth the same characteristics as the flower; it is gentle, warm, and nourishing. This is a beautiful blend to commune with to invite in relaxation and ease into your Being. 

Sit with this blend in a very quiet and centered state and expect emotional release. Allow energy to move through you and make space for new awareness. 



We reach for Cumaru whenever in need of powerful clearing from looping thoughts and unwanted energies - great during ceremonies but can be used whenever needed. Cumaru rapé promotes the opening of the crown chakra and as a result, may release much of the mind’s chatter. In the silence that follows, with the right intention, you may find you can access the emotional roots of the heaviness you are carrying. This blend can be a great purgative. Remember, purging is a form of clearing that which does not serve, keeping this in mind Cumaru might be best on an empty stomach. Use this particular blend when you are feeling “stuck”.  Also, if you need to decompress after a stressful situation or encounter with a lot of negativity, this one will serve you wonderfully.



This gentle and warm blend is sure to lift your mood. The spirit of Copaiba Hapé is light and works mostly in the heart, where it assists in shifting emotions. This blend is also fantastic for clarity of mind, lifting fogginess, and alertness. Almost immediately you will notice the mind chatter begin to slow down and an expansive state emerges for you to surrender into the present moment. Copaiba rapé helps to pierce the veil of haziness we tend to carry with us and invites in an energetic upliftment as your aura is cleansed and cleared. Smile as you feel the medicine doing its work within you.



Jatobá is a blend of organic mapacho and ashes of the Jatobá tree, which has a long history of indigenous, medicinal use.  This blend provides a sturdy and grounded effect. Like many hapehs, Jatobá promotes spiritual strength and balance. Within the heart center, Jatobá will melt blockages, open up space, and remind you of the inner peace that resides within you. One can come to this blend if seeking spiritual strength and vigor.



Mint Hape’ is clearing, cleansing, opening, and refreshing. The energy comes in as a swift cool breeze, immediately entering into the third eye, clearing the mind and opening up the crown chakra, leaving you feeling renewed and balanced. This strong energy opens up the lungs and heart chakra and continues  on through your being, breaking up stagnation. With awakened senses, you will feel alert, aligned, & focused.



The Mulateiro or Capirona tree is a fascinating multi-purpose canopy tree in the Amazon. Mulateiro bark is deeply ingrained in the native culture—from being used as an admixture in the ayahuasca rituals, to its many different uses in folkloric medicine. From teas to poultices to powders, the properties of Mulateiro provide anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial properties.

This dark grey rapé is strong and intense. Initial sensations are piercing and powerful enough to make your eyes water, followed by a subtle and peaceful space. In this space, the mind slows down and eases one into relaxation and meditation. This blend is effective in releasing tension and blockages in the head, third-eye, and crown chakra. With intention, Mulateiro can harmonize any disproportional vibrations and guide you back to center, to align with the Divine. 



Mulungu is an ornamental tree native to Brazil which has long been used in traditional medicine to reduce anxiety. Mulungu has the power to reduce hysteria from trauma or shock, as a mild sedative to calm the nervous system, to treat insomnia and promote healthy sleeping patterns. This Rapè is a great choice for a beginner or a more experienced user that is looking for something more relaxing than intense. It opens the heart and clears the mind. This blend is soothing and will serve well to either start or end the day.


Palo Santo

Sacred Palo Santo (“holy wood”) is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. Similar to Sage and Cedar, Palo Santo is most widely used for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. Once the wood sticks are burned, it’s said the smoke banishes all agitated and harmful energy out the door, brings in positive healing energies, and allows you to approach things with an unburdened mind.

This mild to medium strength blend will bring in a feeling of expansion and upliftment. A lightness can be felt in the body and mind without too much purging. This blend would be great for a pick-me-up anytime through the day. 


 Paricá is perfect for ceremonial use or with the intention of focused sessions of meditation or contemplation. Paricá is extremely well balanced and causes a deepening within oneself. Paricá awakens the study of the sacred, the connection with our ancestry, the cleansing of negative thoughts and of spiritual healing. The Paricá or Yopo tree as it is also known, is a sacred tree whose medicinal properties have long been ritualistically used by shamans and healers. This is a medium strength blend. Your experience is dependent on the dose and type of blow you receive. 



The samaúma tree (also called Kapok) is one of the largest and tallest of the forest. Its canopy flourishes in the sky and its roots embrace everything around them; local people call it the “grandmother tree”. It is also popularly known as “Tree of Life” and “Ladder of Heaven,” serving as a channel between Heaven and Earth. This blend holds a very sacred feminine energy.

For these reasons this is a snuff that can bring a very strong spiritual connection and protection. You can also use this blend to root down when feeling ungrounded or spacey, for connecting with the spiritual realm/ancestors, and to empower the intentions you wish to manifest. Try communing with this medicine outside in Nature for a boost in clarity and groundedness. You will find that this particular blend will affect the physical body more so than the mind, so expect some form of purging/release, energy rising/descending, or a release of tension in the muscles. 


Tsunu is a beautiful rapéh from the Yawanawa tribe. It is a mix of tobacco and Tsunu bark ash. It is one of the oldest blends and is known for its powerful effects – clarity, grounding, focus, and total body relaxation. With regular practice, Tsunu has the ability to awaken the spiritual warrior within. It is great for sustained use over long periods. Tsunu is the perfect blend for a body, mind, and spirit reset, as it will clear the bad energies while keeping you grounded. It is a smooth, aromatic rapé that resonates well with anyone that uses it.