How do you talk about Plant Medicine?

How do you talk about Plant Medicine?

There are 2 words that I've completely eradicated from my vocabulary when it comes to speaking about Plant/Earth Medicine. 

Those words are "DOING" and "USING".

For example: "I'm going to DO Ayahuasca this Saturday!" or "I USE Hapé to meditate."

I dislike these words because it perpetuates our society's obsession with doing, doing, doing and using things (no matter how sacred) for our personal advantage. That's not what Plant Medicine is about!

Sitting with our Plant Allies is about UN-doing...undoing programs, narratives, and stories. 

It's not about using anything to our advantage either. It's about sitting with and learning from these Plant Teachers to confront things we might need to shift, and release energy that might no longer serve us. 

With that being said, I invite you to start incorporating the following powerful and potent terms: 


There are so many more sacred words and terms you can utilize, but you get the idea. I feel that these phrases more accurately describe the energy we're moving forward with when we sit with Plant Teachers. 

We're being taught by them, journeying together, being guided by them, and listening deeply to their wisdom. 

When someone hears you say "I'm going to consecrate (insert Plant Medicine here)", they're going to instantly notice that shift in language and be drawn to that approach of reverence. 

By continuing to uphold language that honors the medicines as Beings that require respect, we will collectively begin a ripple effect that will begin to change minds and behavior towards Plant Medicine. 

And ya know, if we're being completely real, we are not really doing anything...THE PLANTS ARE DOING US! 

Let me know what you think about this topic. Do you think it's important to shift our language when speaking about the Plant Teachers? 

And I'd love to hear any other sacred terms and phrases you use. 

Much love!
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