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Veia de Pajé: Sacred Ceremony

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Veia de Pajé (Shaman’s Vein) is a thin vine found in the Amazon that carries potent energy and properties. This vine is said to keep heavy and dense energies at bay while attracting positivity and good fortune. This is a powerful blend to commune with for manifesting, praying, and communicating with Spirit. Therefore, it’s extremely important to be mindful of keeping your thoughts high vibrational while sitting with this particular blend.

The leaves of this vine are heart shaped thus, following the doctrine of signatures (and indigenous wisdom), we know this medicine is used to unlock the heart, heal its shadows, and awaken strength and clarity in the heart space. This is a powerful and magical blend to tune into your warrior heart.

An unfocused mind that is working with the potent Tobacco spirit is at risk for creating confusion, discomfort, and unwanted manifestations. Be clear about your intentions, what you wish to create, and what you wish to offer to the world. This blend is somewhat intense in strength, although not overwhelmingly so. Your experience will largely depend on intention, dose, and strength of blow.

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Samara Dasilva
Bringing A Cleanse From A Place Deep Within.

Véia de Pajé is a blend made beautifully with the power of nature and the strength of the ones being guided by it. Allowing myself to sit and flow openly with this blend brings my being a deep release. Allowing me to unite with my true essence and the true purpose of this healing plant medicine.

The experience is intense, but well guided and sat with through the blow and meditation afterwards.

The blend is light and very finely ground, you can distinctly smell the tobacco from the bark. Both individually powerful but now overpowering one another; working in alignment.