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Ceremonial Cacao & Sacred Herbal Smoke Loose Blend Bundle (save $5)

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Cacao Blend

save $5 when you pair any Ceremonial Cacao blend with Dreamy Earth's signature Sacred Smoke Loose Blend. 

These plant medicines are a harmonious pair for your morning rituals or evening wind-down. This Sacred Smoke Blend is relaxing, soothing, and euphoric and the energy of Cacao invokes comfort, nourishment, and heart-opening. 

About the Medicines

Sacred Smoke Blend

This herbal smoke blend will elevate your spirit, relax your mind, and invite tranquility into your space.

Commune with these high vibe organic herbs: 
✦Blue Lotus

10 grams of mixed herbs. Roll pure herbal smokes or mix with other plant medicine as you please. 

Ceremonial Cacao 

Mother Cacao is a powerful yet gentle and loving plant ally perfect for those who want to tune in to the heart space and cultivate softness, love, and self reflection.

Cacao is a beautiful medicine for meditation, ceremony, rituals, or simply to start the day with mindfulness and high vibrations. 

Each order will include instructions on how to prepare the medicine.

Dreamy Earth carries 2 blends of Cacao  in 4 oz pouches: 

EARTH MAGIC is a wise and powerful blend of Cacao from Guatemala. 100% pure Earth magic and nothing else. This blend is perfect for self reflection, journaling, and mindful movement. 

HOLY ROSE is a gentle and heart-opening Cacao from Tanzania infused with Damiana, Licorice Root, Orange Peel and Pink Rose Petals. Nourishing, soft, and so delicious. This blend is perfect to commune with for womb work, diving into your heart, and community gatherings.

How to prepare Ceremonial Cacao:

1. bring 8 oz of vegan milk to a low heat (do not boil your milk or Cacao to avoid killing beneficial nutrients).

2. Melt 15-20 discs (approx 20-30 grams) in the hot milk, stirring often. For a ceremonial dose, use 25-40 discs (approx 1-1.5 oz)

3. Make it creamy! Place the Cacao in a blender or use a handheld frother

4. Find a meditative space and set an intention with gratitude before taking your first sip.

Enjoy the love and sacredness these plantcestor brings. May they uplift your sacred rituals

Customer Reviews

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Mayra Stepa
Quality Products and Responsible Delivery

I have tried the cocoa and sacred smoke blend and the experience with the products has been really rewarding. The unboxing is a pleasure and of course the quality of the products are highly recommended. I will definitely repeat.

Sydney Lohenry
Absolutely love

You can really feel the love and intention that is put into each order. This is my second time ordering and I will continue to do so! Thank you for the beautiful medicine

Kimberly Porteous
Great value and smooth

Beautiful and light

Grateful for this medicine

Have not had the chance to try the smoke blend (though very excited to as it smells delicious); however, the earth magic cacao tastes and feels exactly like its name. The packaging and shipping time was also great. I'm so grateful for Dreamy Earth. I can just tell so much love and intention goes into procuring, packing and shipping the medicine. Thank you!