Have you received the call to commune with sacred Hapé?

Do you value learning how to connect to Ancestral Medicine from a practitioner who is legitimate and in integrity?

Are you ready to commit to an intimate relationship with Grandfather Tobacco in order to receive its healing and wisdom? 

At this time, when so many souls are being called to Plant Medicine for healing and inner-standing, it's necessary to cultivate integrity and sacredness in our personal practices with the Plantcestors. 

“A Walk With Hapé” is the only journey of its kind that will share the ancestral wisdom and guidance you desire to begin and deepen your journey with sacred Hapé medicine.

join the journey

in our journey with Hapé, you will...

⫸ receive the ancestral wisdom that informs a Hapé practice

⫸ experience the spirit and healing energy of sacred Tobacco

⫸ activate a sacred allyship between you and the medicine

​⫸ gain correct self-serving skills and breath techniques, including 4 animal blows and how & when to use them 

⫸ learn how to guide yourself and journey solo in the realms of the medicine

​⫸ consecrate 4 different blends of Hapé in prayer & ceremony

​⫸ decolonize your practice by aligning yourself to the ancestral teachings passed down from Amazonian tribes 

​⫸ connect, discuss, and practice with other Hapé lovers from around the world 

I'm ready!

༶ A Walk with Hapé ༶

every Wednesday

April 3rd - April 24th, 2024

11 am-2 pm HST

1 pm- 4 pm PST

4 pm- 7 pm EST

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what's included in this sacred container...

live mentorship calls

4 weekly 3 hour live calls with Shanti and your cohort in which you will receive profound transmissions and activations to deepen your medicine journey. All classes will be recorded and available to you.

Hapé starter kit

▻ handmade wooden Kuripe (self-applicator tool) with pouch

▻ 4 samples of Hapé: 3 pre-selected blends + 1 blend of your choice

Journal Prompts

You will receive journal prompts each week for you to reflect and record your insights as you walk deeper on your path

weekly group ceremonies

Each call will include a group ceremony with prayer and ritual to practice the techniques we've learned to serve ourselves Hapé

plant medicine community

One of the most important aspects of the medicine path is community. In this container, you will be practicing, discussing and reflecting with Hapé practitioners all around the world! haux haux

your sacred Hapé Kit

your registration for "A Walk with Hapé" includes a kit with the following:

∴ 1 wooden Kuripe with pouch

∴ 4 Hapé samples: 3 pre-selected blends + 1 blend of your choice from Dreamy Earth's Hapé apothecary)

Topics, Techniques, and Hapé Blends

Week by Week Summary

Week 1

TOPIC: the indigenous origins & history of Hapé, the Grandfather spirit of Tobacco, the basics of Hapé, communing with Hapé like a new friend

TECHNIQUE: Hummingbird Blow, breathing practices, correct Kuripe alignment

Week 2

TOPIC: decolonizing Tobacco and your practice, deepening your teacher/student relationship, the importance of prayer, the energy of the Jiboia

TECHNIQUE: Jiboia Blow, feeling/observing the subtleness of the medicine

Week 3

TOPIC: different ways to practice with Hapé, complimentary Plant Medicines,

TECHNIQUE: Tortoise Blow, sitting with multiple rounds of medicine

Week 4

TOPIC: Being a responsible and ethical medicine practitioner and carrier, practicing self-awareness to continue practicing in a good way, indigenous Amazonian tribes, serving Hapé


the energy exchange...


A Walk with Hapé is a profound experience that has brought transformation to many practitioners around the world. The wisdom, techniques, and community within this container are unique to this immersion and is offered with deep love and care.
Therefore, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. please email hello@dreamyearth for financial assistance and/or extended payment plans.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are self-paced, meaning that you pay for the course at your own time and in whatever increments you choose until the deadline.

Your payment must be received in full by Tuesday April 9th, 2024

$144 deposit is required upon registration to reserve your seat and receive your Hapé kit

Venmo, Paypal, & CashApp accepted

more details in the registration form!

Registration Form

your guide & facilitator:

Shanti Aum

My relationship with Hapé began as a deep calling to commune with its spirit. Very quickly, I received visions, guidance, and instructions that completely catapulted me into my soul's purpose. After receiving Hapé initiation, I was granted the opportunities to hold ceremony and begin teaching the wisdom that I had been gifted by the medicine.

One evening, Grandfather Hapé gave me very clear instructions that I was to share the wisdom I held with all who were open to receiving it. “A Walk With Hapé” is my way of honoring my beloved Plant Teacher, Grandfather Hapé, and passing on the knowledge and gift of this practice as it has been passed down to me. 

"A Walk with Hapé" is the first program of its kind in the plant medicine community. Guided by my Ancestors, Spirit, and Hapé, I offer you this transformational experience from my heart and soul.

It is such an honor to be a part of your journey, thank you for your trust

With so much gratitude,

Shanti Aum